Velox (V1.1)

V1.1 was developed for printing with dark fibers, such as carbon fiber. The photocurable thermoset resin polymerizes enough during the print process to hold its shape and then fully crosslinks during a secondary post-bake.

Speculon (PRO14143-GF-2)

GF-2, was developed for high-temperature fiberglass applications and has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 227°C.  GF-2 can also print with dark-fiber applications with the addition of a thermal initiator. Thermal initiator helps in fast crosslinking during stage B curing.

Tenebris (PRO14594-NTX)

NTX is capable of "dark curing,". It can fully cure in-situ during the print process without requiring secondary post-bake. The NTX polymer is capable of high mechanical properties, and the dark curing ability gives promise for printability.

Fortis (PRO14606-CBC-2)

Developed to print with carbon fiber to manufacture Carbon-Bonded-Carbon(CBC) preform that converts to dense CBC composites after re-densification process. Carbon-Bonded-Carbon (CBC) preform combines the desirable properties of the two-constituent carbon material. The Carbon matrix (Heat resistance, Chemical resistance, Low thermal expansion coefficient, High-thermal conductivity, Low electric resistance, Low specific gravity) and the Carbon Fiber (High-strength, High elastic modulus).


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