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Continuous Fiber 3D Printing

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CF3D® combines high-performing composite materials with rapid curing thermoset resins to create complex parts on demand. With the ability to print both structural and functional fibers, Continuous Composites presents a new future for additive manufacturing with composites.

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Continuous Fibers

CF3D® is comprised of hardware, materials, software, and configurable motion platforms to harness the power of composites without the constraints of traditional manufacturing. Composites manufacturing is now affordable with limitless material combinations, net shape printing, and part optimization across all industries.

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As the additive manufacturing landscape continues to expand, CF3D® shifts the standard by making 3D printing a viable, end-part manufacturing solution. CF3D® is fully automated, scalable, efficient, and tailorable to the user’s applications.

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Freedom of Design

Prints fibers in all three dimensions with continuous anisotropic material, enabling complex geometries.

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Low Cost

Fully automated, affordable raw materials, high material yield, and elimination of extensive labor resulting in lower manufacturing costs.

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Build volume of machines can be increased or decreased for part application.

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Limitless Material Combinations

Tailorable fiber + library of resins to create endless material combinations specific to user’s application.

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