A Look Back
at Our Story

Continuous Composites began with a stab of fiberglass and a realization that composites manufacturing was a problem waiting to be solved. Motivated to find a solution to the weak materials, slow print speeds, and small build volumes currently plaguing traditional 3D printing, CF3D® was born.

Toyota Tundra parked on top of a CF3D fiberglass airfoil part.

The Future of Manufacturing
As We See It

At Continuous Composites, we strive to set the standard for how industries manufacture through high-quality and innovative technology. We model and expect excellence in our people and product to provide manufacturers the most powerful process for building without barriers. We are taking a purposeful approach to establish our foundational team of energetic, driven, and hardworking individuals with a synergistic business and engineering background.

Our vision is to break the mold of additive manufacturing and advance new platforms and processes using composite materials. We are developing solutions directly with industry leaders to ensure efficient and effective market entry upon CF3D® commercialization. Our team, vision, and patent protection are igniting the next industrial revolution, and we are on a journey to transform manufacturing.

Come Join
Our Team

As a pacesetting company, we are always in search of new talent. If you are looking for a new challenge and great opportunity, check out our current openings.


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