“Arkema’s investment and partnership is a testament to our belief in the market opportunity and disruptive nature of CF3D® technology. The innovative material solutions we are jointly developing offer stronger, faster, and smarter solutions to meet customer applications and industry challenges.”
Sumeet Jain   |   Senior Director 3D Printing Worldwide
Sumeet Jain,
Senior Director of 3D Printing Worldwide


Arkema, with their subsidiary Sartomer, and Continuous Composites unite their technologies through investment and partnership to increase the accessibility of large-scale composite additive manufacturing with tailorable photopolymer and the CF3D® technology. Together, these companies enable high-end materials solutions for industry-specific applications and widespread adoption of composites and AM.

Pouring Arkema resin into Continuous Composites print head
Fiberglass microscope image with embedded copper wire
GFRP, 0°/90°, 42% FVF, 0.1% voids, embedded copper
CFRP, unidirectional, 50% FVF, 0.1% voids
Carbon Fiber microscope image


CF3D® resins deliver the most advanced materials solutions to accelerate composites manufacturing across industries.

  • Up to 50%+ Fiber Volume Fraction (FVF)
  • Homogeneous in situ impregnation
  • < 2% void content
  • Heat tolerant up to 227° Celsius
  • Limitless material combinations

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