A Breakthrough in Composites

Continuous Fiber 3D Printing disrupts manufacturing with the most advanced composites and additive manufacturing solution. Continuous Composites unveils a fully automated solution designed for every industry.

Side view of continuous carbon fiber skateboard printed with CF3D.Continuous Carbon Fiber 3D printed skateboard with CF3D
T1100 Carbon Fiber & High Temperature (227°C) Thermoset Matrix

3D Printing

CF3D® technology begins with a continuous dry fiber that is impregnated in situ with a tailorable, snap curing thermosetting resin delivered by the end effector. The end effector is moved by a motion platform driven by proprietary software. Parts are printed with precision and optimized for the highest performance using continuous fibers.

robot printhead printing carbon fiber
Registered logo for CF3D

CF3D® includes the necessary hardware, materials, software, and motion platforms, bringing composites AM to the forefront. Continuous Composites concentrates on the user experience by presenting a comprehensive technology through a reliable product offering.

New Generation

CF3D® end effectors handle the material from start to finish. The end effectors impregnate the fibers in situ and cure the fiber + resin combination instantly upon deposition. The process leverages best in class Numeric controllers providing high accuracy and precision printing with continuous fibers. CF3D® is a configurable and scalable hardware solution for any customer application.

Front view of robot with printhead printing carbon
A look at all the dry fibers Continuous Composites prints with.Pouring Arkema resin into Continuous Composites print head

Material Solutions

Advanced composite materials elevate the performance and functionality of additive manufacturing. Structural fibers (e.g., carbon, glass, aramid) and functional fibers (e.g., optical, metallic) are printed in a single-step process. CF3D® polymer matrix materials are tailorable for mechanical properties, heat transfer, and environmental durability to meet customer specifications. The material flexibility of CF3D® provides users the freedom to create limitless material combinations.

Our partnership with Arkema.
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of Design

The software solution bridges the gap between traditional manufacturing part design and CF3D’s® unique printing process. The software enables early and mid-stage CAD integration, geometric and physical analysis, and CAM generation/validation. CF3D® is powered by a unique set of software tools developed to solve continuous anisotropic material printing by orienting fibers in all three dimensions.

CF3D fiberglass spiral figure 8 part

All the Benefits
None of the Constraints

The automated additive process leverages the true anisotropic properties of a continuous fiber by discretely printing in the direction of the load conditions. CF3D® provides breakthroughs in cost-effective composites manufacturing and reveals many new advantages to 3D printing with high-performance materials.

High Strength / Low-Weight Icon

High Strength / Low-Weight

Low cost icon

Low Cost

Automated icon


Freedom of design icon

Freedom of Design

High Material Yield icon

High Material Yield

Rapid Design Iteration Icon

Rapid Design Iteration

Inexpensive Dry Fibers Icon

Inexpensive Dry Fibers

Integrated Functionality icon

Printed Functional Materials

Complex Geometries icon

Complex Geometries

Moldless icon

Eliminates Molds & Tooling

Out of Autoclave icon


Not limited to 2D stacking icon

Not Limited to 2D Stacking

Quick Design Iteration icon

Quick Design Iteration

Low-Volume, High-Mix Parts icon

Low-Volume, High-Mix Parts

Infinite icon

Limitless Material Combinations

The Edge of

Continuous Composites owns the earliest granted patents on printing with continuous fibers and is an established innovation leader in the AM industry and composites.


Allowed U.S. patents


U.S. non-provisional applications


U.S. provisional applications


International PCT applications


Granted international patents
Patent illustration of CF3D print headPatent illustration of rocket missilePatent illustration printing organic structureAn illustration of patent drawings
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