July 7, 2021

Continuous Composites Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Markforged

Continuous Composites patents.

Continuous Composites files patent infringement lawsuit against Markforged, core to the underlying operation of Markforged’s composite printers.

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Continuous Composites Inc., an innovator in the additive manufacturing industry and home to one of the earliest and most comprehensive continuous fiber patent portfolios, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against competitor Markforged, Inc. in the U.S District Court for the District of Delaware.

Continuous Composites asserts the infringement of four patents that include process and hardware claims, which are core to the underlying operation of Markforged’s flagship continuous fiber printers. These four patents are part of a larger family of nine patents and two pending applications having priority back to 2012 that precede the founding of Markforged in 2013 and the release of its first commercially available continuous fiber printer in 2016.

Markforged is a manufacturer of 3D printers with a current product offering including seven 3D printers; four of which print continuous fibers. These four printers – the Mark Two, Onyx Pro, X5, and X7 – are Markforged’s flagship products representing the majority of their revenues and have significantly contributed to their presumed historical revenues of $270 million. Continuous Composites’ infringed patents being asserted are critical to the functionality of the continuous fiber 3D printers offered by Markforged.

Continuous Composites owns the world’s earliest granted patents on Continuous Fiber 3D printing (CF3D®). The company continues to emphasize patent protection and currently holds 75 granted U.S. Patents and 30 granted international patents.

Continuous Composites is seeking remedies in the form of monetary damages for past infringement as well as injunctive relief prohibiting Markforged from continuing to use the intellectual property protected by the Continuous Composites patents.

Continuous Composites is represented in this case by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and Lee & Hayes P.C. All inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to legal counsel.

About Continuous Composites Inc.

Continuous Composites Inc., headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is disrupting manufacturing with its patented composites 3D printing technology, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®). Founded in 2012, the company accelerates the 3D printing industry with a comprehensive patent portfolio. The process leverages the advantages of continuous fiber composite materials with a 3D printing process to print high-strength, light-weight parts on demand. CF3D® significantly reduces cost, lead times, labor, and other traditional constraints found in manufacturing. To learn more, visit

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